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Five years China's lighting industry output value will grow by 20%

According to statistical data show that the next 5 years, China's lighting lamp industry annual output value will remain above 20% growth rate, the growth rate will inevitably bring considerable profit to the lighting accessories industry. But it is understood that, despite the upstream enterprise market prospects, as the downstream lighting accessories business, is currently facing an unprecedented development dilemma.

The cost increases, the time is longer, and it will bring invisible pressure to the low profit enterprises. The past two years, the rapid rise in prices, so that parts of the enterprise's raw materials also follow up, and the main pressure from labor costs. As a result of the policy of industrial transfer, relative to the mainland, the Pearl River Delta region has no obvious advantages. Many migrant workers choose to return to their hometown to work, and that in the Pearl River Delta region are repeated labor shortage. As a result, enterprises only paid employ artificial, "before the basic wage is 1500, a lot of people rushing to do now to 2000 are unable to recruit people."

Inferior products disrupt accessories market, in the accessories industry, many manufacturers can not obtain business license, no production of formal channels, to avoid the tax and insurance costs a lot, is more important, they reduce the cost of conventional mold, design, procurement, they need only to a screwdriver can be assembled parts production. People who buy from the outside is very difficult to find what is the difference between; in this way, other suppliers is difficult, customers always say which which only sell how many money, a relentlessly down to lower prices. Profits have been thin, as a result, the market is only a melee, a mess.

The threshold is low, such as growth or appropriate accessories manufacturers, group flying orioles. Two or three years ago to do light source accessories manufacturers do not have so much, when the business is good to do. This year, a sudden increase in the hundreds, every corner is accessories. It is understood that, price war prevailed, even at a loss on sale. To the identity of the dealer to town the biggest accessories city to inquire about the price and on the ball with a LED3W bubble, found that high to 12 yuan, low to 1.8 yuan, some even preach includes a light source, sold only 2.6 yuan. Not even the capital. It is understood that the trick is to do this, more than two or three years ago to make money, and now through a number of new open manufacturers, and other people are dead, his price can be up again.

The marketing channel is aging, sit off into the past. Many parts enterprises in order to save costs, there is no set up marketing team, basically rely on the retail merchants, such a customer object is relatively limited, if the store location is not ideal, it is difficult to receive orders. A lighting company leadership said: "in addition to the house, and three outlets, turnover is concerned, this is the worst, you can see, the people of the market now little received orders not easy ah."

Price war is still the main means of competition

The biggest means of competition in the industry is the "price war"". At present, for the majority of lighting accessories enterprises, in the face of the cost of raw materials, the cost of the war, the "price war" has become the main means of competition. Industry insiders, our country engaged in the production of lighting accessories business, mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, which is the most concentrated in the ancient town of Guangdong. Lighting accessories enterprise from the product series of view, there are 10 kinds of metal, glass, wood, cloth, crystal and other, but professional manufacturers of lighting products production parts is very few, most other service. On the one hand, because the overall output value of the lighting industry is small, on the other hand is the low technology content of the lighting industry, vicious competition leading companies have to more open up other areas.

A few money companies are scrambling to profit

The cost pressures caused by rising raw materials is quite large, in order to a few percent of profit margins, accessories business is also grab sell. A parts buyers said that parts enterprises are now facing the development of confusion, in addition to raw materials prices, including price competition, land rising labor costs, poor marketing, lack of brand awareness, with no trend, so that the lifting itself is still the key.

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