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The Internet era of lamps and lanterns, small and medium enterprises how to use marketing themselves

"To solve the problem of the 4 major confusion of lamps and lanterns of small and medium sized enterprises are now facing is mainly reflected in the following: the transformation of homogeneous competition, global planning is not perfect, the survival and development of space challenge, terminal customer spending habits." Then, for such a situation, the new media era, small and medium enterprises how to make full use of the Internet for Internet Marketing?

One, a lot of websites for marketing very little

In the small and medium-sized enterprise of lamps and lanterns experienced 4 major puzzle in front of the consequences is a large number of small and medium enterprises only gathered in a level marketing network marketing model, this will also lead to frustration of lamps and lanterns enterprise information publishing and product promotion. And the end customer requirements continue to be too high, and companies use the Internet to promote their own brands, marketing capabilities are not many of them are very lack of.

To solve the above problems, lamps and lanterns enterprises should be how to get out of the bottleneck? Industry insiders said that the enterprise development network marketing is the inevitable choice. "A lot of enterprises are now about the company has a website and no real use to show the purpose of marketing." At present, with the continuous development of information technology, the Internet industry has been updated and developed, but most of them have little knowledge of the problem. As the trend of the development of network marketing, first of all, lamp enterprises to network marketing, must be to have a specialized network management personnel management, constantly updated, to give customers a timely interaction process. Secondly, enterprises should make full use of network channels, for example, forums, blogs, microblogging, e-mail and other network marketing methods.

For small and medium-sized enterprise of lamps and lanterns in into the network marketing at the same time, this should also pay attention to the combination of the actual situation and publicity to show the effect of corporate image and product display, the authority of network media system, osmotic communication enterprise brand advantage, enterprise culture, including the leaders of enterprises so to promote their own business.

Two, the development of network marketing can be better and better

From Alibaba data monitoring data show that despite the current financial crisis slowly away, but the Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the vicinity of the small and medium-sized enterprise of lamps and lanterns development is not good. To see this, we have to think about this problem, ah, why ah?

From the data to see, now the small and medium-sized enterprises lamps mainly uses the marketing channels have three: rely on contacts and accumulated sales channels, traditional marketing model to develop their own; through a variety of exhibition marketing development; using the Internet to do their own marketing channels to do the work.

"A common feature of today's lamps and lanterns enterprises is that marketing channels are still dominated by traditional models." Industry insiders said that the crisis in the live, live better and better business, basically the information technology, the application of the Internet is very important to the enterprise."

Three, seize the opportunity to run network marketing

Medium and small lamps and lanterns enterprise to expand the network marketing business, must carefully study how to use the network marketing tools and models. Now "the Internet will become a new network marketing new opportunities, to seize the 'search' and 'share' situation, it is small and medium-sized enterprise of lamps and lanterns to hold Internet marketing initiative and expansion of their own enterprises and the development of the network marketing." It is understood that the consumer is now often first search engine search brand information to find their favorite products, to understand the consumer evaluation as a reference. Search and word of mouth has a direct impact on consumer decision-making behavior.

And on the Internet to do any brand sales, we must to do this two points: the first is to seize the port search, information description precision of problem solving, seize the largest traffic volume; the second to catch share port to your brand message to establish positive. Using the initiative of marketing, such as soft Wen, blog, Baidu know, paste it, the community forum to do a positive image of their own business. But also to do a good job in the micro blog, the formation of positive interaction with the initiative development.

Therefore, lamps and lanterns enterprises to expand their own brand to use the Internet, but also to a certain extent, to understand the use of the internet. Only in this way, companies can really use the Internet marketing to their own business to get a good reputation.

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