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Enterprises of lamps and lanterns to ZouDian business development Products and services is essential

Internet, now has become the most popular words. For enterprises, into the electricity supplier in the field has become a trend. Lighting industry in China has nearly 30 years of development, new era, looking for new breakthroughs, the Internet has become the inevitable choice. Indeed, in recent years the business let many enterprises pocketed the development of reserves, especially in this era of "net popular", the electricity supplier is meat fat, the lamp enterprises, the development of electronic business is an inevitable trend.

Lamps and lanterns open personality era, electricity suppliers to achieve the best experience

Is now 80, 90 of the world, the personality of consumer demand for lighting products nature no longer adhere to styles, more is want products to show belongs to the pursuit of their own personalized, lamps and lanterns custom of the times open in an all-round way. In the past consumers for the purchase of lamps generally go to the store to pick the fine, but due to the limitations of logistics and consumer channels, consumers see the lamp category is limited. At present, the rapid popularization of the Internet, the rapid development of logistics, lighting companies to the Internet in transition and development of electricity suppliers, to provide consumers with more rich, more comprehensive lighting information.

Online and offline, electricity suppliers to do the best in the middle"

Today's online shopping, consumers prefer in the store more goods, then home on the Internet to see, if single will be satisfied, the consumption pattern still become a considerable part of the consumer groups in the normal. In fact, electricity supplier which is the core competitive advantage: reduce middleman channel, direct from the production to connect with consumers, resulting in a price advantage and excess profits, in other words, this is where the consumers in commercial businesses often hear about low prices "reasonable explanation". Thus, efficient and convenient shopping experience and low operating costs, make electric in store contest in the process of gradually dominate, the electricity supplier is a major trend of the future development of the lighting industry, which has become an indisputable consensus.

Lamps and lanterns enterprises to take the road, service is essential

"Online shopping" gradually become a habit, but in practice, the problem is still endless. Take this year double eleven, luminaire brands online discount again crazy rushed. However, behind a considerable volume, worries about the delivery, installation and after-sales service, but you can't hide. In fact, once involved in professional distribution, installation, maintenance and a series of after-sales service of the lamps and lanterns products, its network marketing platform often appear this or that problem.

In this regard, lamp enterprises, the development of electronic business, after-sales service is more important, because the light is not FMCG, after-sale complexity and high, businesses if there is no foundation for the online platform of professional logistics, installation and after-sales service, consumers it is difficult to obtained registration service. If lamp enterprises really want to business as a channel to long-term development, it is necessary to solve problems in the process of electric business aftermarket and consumers to provide more perfect service to win the consumer's heart.

In short, do electricity suppliers is not just a slogan, in today's information society, it is an inevitable trend. The advantages of the Internet is the traditional channels can not be achieved, lamps and lanterns as long as the enterprises to continuously improve product quality, allow the mind to keep up with the trend, dare to innovation and breakthrough, I believe good times of the lighting industry will usher in a business!

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