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A lighting design knowledge is introduced

A, the four principles of lighting design is introduced:

1) the principle of aesthetics

 lighting design is decorated, beautify the environment, and an important means to create artistic atmosphere. To add dimensional administrative levels to decorate beautification space, apply colours to a drawing gives the corresponding spatial atmosphere, the decorative lighting, the use of decorative lamps and lanterns is very important.

2) the principle of functional

 lighting design needs to meet the requirements of the functional lighting according to different occasions, different space and different ways of lighting objects to select different lighting and LED lighting lighting lamps and lanterns, and ensure that the appropriate intensity of illumination and luminance.

A lighting design knowledge is introduced

3) safety principles

A lighting design requirements in the relevant safety standards of lighting, reach relevant absolutely safe and reliable.

Principle 4) economy

Lighting design is not to say that the more the number of LED lighting lighting lamps and lanterns, the better, winning by brightness, the key is through scientific design, reasonable design, overall planning and lighting design. Lighting design of the fundamental purpose is to satisfy people's visual, physical, and aesthetic psychological needs, make lighting space maximally embody the practical value and aesthetics value, and achieve the unity of the use function and aesthetic function.

Second, the light of expression

Point A light performance: point refers to the LED lighting lamps and lanterns of cast light range is small and concentrated in one direction of the light source.

B take light performance: the so-called alone will LED lighting light source through the design, layout growth strip light band.

C: surface light plane just to architecture exterior facade, interior ceiling or floor made of light.

A lighting design knowledge is introduced

D flow static lights and lighting: static lights, lamps and lanterns is fixed, the light static, not appear flickering lights for static lights. Flow lights - is flowing way of lighting, it has a rich artistic expression, is commonly used in stage lighting and urban neon lights advertising design.

E: laser is by laser ?

hree, types of LED lighting lighting lamps and lanterns and the performance of artistic effect

LED lighting lighting lamps and lanterns with the development of the contemporary new technology and new materials, style variety, the modelling of lamps and lanterns variety, light, color, shape, mass can be said to be varied infinitely. LED lighting lighting lamps and lanterns is not only provide basic lighting conditions for people's life, but in the lighting environment design life "bright spot".

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